During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, there may be no better time for someone to enhance their personal development via new skills or a renewed mindset. A great skill to learn during this time is how to defend yourself. Learning self-defense is great for developing self-confidence, whether you are a child or an adult.


In this piece, we will go over how one can best learn self-defense in his or her home during the COVID-19 pandemic.


There are many unique techniques and tips that one can employ in order to learn self-defense in the house successfully.


First of all, at-home exercise has something in common with finding the right home to move to. It’s all about the location. One must find the right training space in the house to train. It would be ideal if the training space were soft. A hard floor is not ideal for learning self-defense. One would be wise to use a yoga mat or even a carpet. Beach towels are even ideal.


Ideally, one would want to set up a space big enough for two people to train. One should have a space that is at least 4X6. One should get an 8×12 mat if they are training with someone else. While using yoga mats, be sure to clean and disinfect after usage.


While there are self-defense exercises that one can perform on their own, some self-exercises require a training partner. It would be best to train with your good friend or a family member.


One would be wise to buy comfortable clothes that are appropriate for working out. In addition, it would be best for one to learn self-defense with a training partner. Furthermore, it would be best not to wear shoes while training. One should train barefoot as it would improve one’s balance and increase the strength in one’s feet.


Finally, one has to have the right mindset. It will not be an easy process. It may be tempting for one to give up during the process of they don’t have the mental discipline. These techniques require constant practice and repetition. If one is able to persevere through the mental obstacles, they will be successful in learning self-defense.