The prospect of a home invasion can be frightening, but you can protect yourself and your loved ones if a home invasion happens. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and your family against home invaders.

Planning Is Key

The most crucial step in defending yourself and your family during a home invasion is to plan for it before it happens. You and your family need to know what you will do in case a home invasion happens. Your planning should address what exactly you and your family members will do, where you will go, how you will call for help, and what defense tactics or weapons you will use. It is essential to establish a private safe room and also know which exits you can use. In your safe place, you should have a phone to call for help and any tools or self-defense items you will need. All of this should be planned out and practiced beforehand so that everyone knows exactly what to do.

Using Self-Defense Weapons

While self-defense weapons are useful in a home invasion, you should know how to use them properly. This is especially true for firearms, which can become a hindrance if you are not trained in how to use them and do not think things through before you pull the trigger in a home invasion. The same can be said for other self-defense weapons, such as tasers, knives, or pepper spray. If you have never used any of these defense items before, trying to use them in a home invasion with no practice may prove to be fatal. Furthermore, there is a risk that home invaders may grab the weapon away from you and use it against you.


Have an Alarm System

An alarm system is an invaluable tool in a home invasion. Most alarm systems contact the police as soon as someone tries to break into your home. This saves valuable time by alerting the police for you if you cannot get to your phone. An alarm system also will alert you that someone is trying to invade your home, which is especially crucial if you are asleep.

Home invasions are frightening, but you can protect yourself and your family by planning and having the proper defenses in place.