Karan Bagri is a devoted fitness coach who started training taekwondo at eight years. He has flown to China, where he learned for six months before flying back to India. Karan earned skills in weapons handling, drunken fist, and tai chi, to mention a few. Here is a brief tutorial from Karan to those who wish to learn the basic Shaolin style-stretches.


Single-Leg Leans


One needs a stretching bar where the right foot should rest with the toes facing up. Without bending the knee, the left foot should be resting flat on the ground. Secondly, the trainee should bend headfirst gradually from the hips forming a right angle.


The upper body should be loose, with the arms hanging free. The trainee must then switch legs to repeat these steps. It is ideal for the hamstrings, calves, and inner thighs. It flexes the back muscles too.


Single-Leg Side Bends


Standing to the left of a bar, the trainee lifts the right foot, resting it on the bar. The toes must face upwards. With the left foot on the ground, the knee must not bend for this stretch. Lean right, flexing the heap. The climax involves stretching the left hand over the head to reach the right foot toes. Repeat the process with the other leg.


Single-Leg Headfirst Stretch


With the bar on the right, one needs to place their right foot on it, toes facing upwards. The other foot should rest flat on the ground. Bending at the hips, the trainee needs to stretch and touch the left leg with their forehead. Switch legs and repeat the steps.


Wall Butterflies Stretch


The stretch involves sitting and leaning flat to a wall. The ankles should move close to the groin, with the knees facing outwards. The trainee needs to push the knees down to the ground, stretching their thighs. It is ideal for menstrual pain relief and boosts blood flow to the lower side.


Baby Bridge


The stretch involves bending knees with the heel closer to the glutes. At this point, the trainee must be laying on their back, stretching the hands to hold the ankles. The climax includes pushing the waistline off the ground. At this position, the knees should form a right angle.


Karan Bagri advises his trainees to only stretch as much as possible and avoid straining. Consistency is significant for Shaolin fitness stretches.