When it comes to protecting your family, you want to prepare for the worse. Learning self-defense can be a great asset to your loved ones. As part of your self-defense skills, you’ll want to learn shooting tactics. Here are some helpful tips that will assist you along your educational journey of shooting for self-defense.


Having The Right Weapon Makes All The Difference

If you take a look at any local gun shop, you’ll notice that there are many options available for you to choose from. Understanding when each type of gun is best used can help you to determine which ones are most appropriate for your self-defense needs. For example, keeping a shotgun in the car isn’t going to be very effective as it’s bulky. Instead, opting for a 9mm handgun is more likely a better option to fit your needs. It’s sleek and easy to grab when you’re in a confined space. Considering your needs and the features of each option will help you make the best choice.


Accuracy Is Important

While having that handgun in your center console may make you feel more secure, it’s only as good as your shooting. If you can’t even get close to your target, then your weapon isn’t going to  do you any good. It’s advisable to take some shooting lessons from a local professional. They can educate you on areas like your draw, how to aim, and how to reload quickly. You want to know that you have the accuracy to follow through if the need arises. Learning from a professional will also help ensure you take proper care of the weapon and keep you safe.


Act Out Real Scenarios

One of the best ways to prepare for any situation is to act out the scenario if it was actually happening. This can allow you to adjust physically and mentally to what you need to do. When you’ve practiced for handling a mugger that comes up behind you, you’ll be better able to act at the moment when it truly happens. There are many high-stress scenarios you can practice acting out for your benefit.


Taking the time to learn some self-defense skills is always a good idea. It will allow you to feel more secure and confident in your abilities. When it comes to the shooting part of your self-defense training, the above tips should help you get through it with ease.


Javill Byron is an accomplished martial artist, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist based in Miami. As the owner of Top Shot Miami and WMB Martial Arts, Javill strives to serve as a valuable resource for individuals who want to improve their physical abilities and learn to protect themselves. Javill is especially passionate about helping children with disabilities and children who are bullied.

As a philanthropy-minded person, Javill Byron devotes much of his time to his nonprofit, WMB Foundation, Inc., which provides services to families and children diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or Autism and aims to promote academic success and generally enrich their lives.