There are many schools in the Chesapeake, Virginia area today that offer modern martial arts training. Programs range in difficulty, and they may be suitable for adults, children, and all levels of experience. Many disciplines are also offered, including karate, tai chi, kickboxing, and krav maga. 


One value that all these disciplines share, however, is a sense of respect. Changing Lives Martial Arts details how martial arts can help develop a deeper sense of respect for those around the student, from teachers and peers to family and community, and most importantly, for oneself.


Methods and moves may vary from discipline to discipline, but showing and earning respect is a key element to most traditional martial arts disciplines. These disciplines teach that respect can improve people’s lives by improving self-discipline, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Children and teens are the most influenced by these positive values since they usually imitate what they see. 


Programs are designed for younger students to promote active listening and respectful behavior. These programs often have a powerful outlook on students’ outlooks, both on and off the practice mats. Seeing these positive traits modeled during training is helpful. 


However, parents should also demonstrate the same positive behavior at home by showing self-respect and courtesy in their everyday lives. Showing respect for everyone should be a natural habit in a person’s day-to-day interactions.


“You get out of it what you put into it” is a common saying that can be applied to educational or career growth. The same applies to studying and practicing martial arts. A student can learn how to throw a punch or block a kick, but they can get so much more out of studying these disciplines. Studying martial arts will push students to both physical and mental boundaries. A student seeking to reach a black belt will learn invaluable lessons in ethics, confidence, and determination along the way. 


These traits will benefit them through many other aspects of life besides martial arts training. Students will also develop respect for teachers, fellow students, and themselves, which can be applied to other relationships, such as those at work, school, or in their local community. The practice of learning respect and other positive values will develop most students into better people.