To feel proactive and feel safer in threatening situations, you may consider self-defense classes. If an in-person class isn’t currently feasible, there are some powerful self-defense moves they can learn independently to start.

Self Defense Moves That Will Keep You Safe

 It’s essential to keep in mind that the most effective moves when dealing with an attacker focus on vulnerable areas. Avoid tough places like the chest or tricky maneuvers to attack the knees. 

 Some moves you’ll want in your arsenal include:

  1. Hammer Strike: For this move, you’ll 
  • Hold your keys in your hand, sticking out on one side
  • Raise your hand and swing the keys downward toward the target

Alternatively, you may decide to put your keys on a lanyard and swing them as a weapon to keep your distance from the perpetrator.

  1. Groin Kick: This move can debilitate an attacker coming from the front. You’ll need to:
  • Get stable footing
  • Lift your dominant leg, starting to drive the knee upward
  • Extend the leg, leaning back and mustering as much power as possible to kick, driving your lower shin or the ball of your foot into the attacker’s groin

 If they’re already too close, you can drive your knee into their groin.

  1. Heel Palm Strike: For this move, you’ll:
  • Flex the wrist of your dominant hand
  • Aim for the nose and jab upward or aim for the throat and jab upward
  • Recoil quickly for maximum effect
  • Run while they’re disoriented 

 You can also slap an open palm to an ear.

  1. Escape A “Bear Hug”: If you’re wrapped tightly from behind:
  • Bend forward
  • Counterattack with elbow shots 
  • Turn and attack the face or throat


  1. Escape A-Side Headlock: In a side headlock, you should:
  • Turn into the attacker’s side
  • Attack the groin with slaps until you can run

 Self-defense is incredibly essential to your safety. These moves and others could save your life.